Thursday, March 26, 2009


(Impressions from Rexhep Morina,
imam of Chicago mosque)

Honored Brothers, welcome!

I announce you that today we have some friends from Albania.

As you have heard, after the collapse of communism in the Eastern Europe and especially in the maternal Albania, the interest for the emigrants, for all the patriots, wherever they are, is bigger. It’s time to see with our eyes the democracy and the freedom that we have dreamt for Albania. Henceforth we are living all together the freedom of our country. Albania, our country, is open. Our brothers, hereupon the Cultural Association “Bilal Xhaferri”, in collaboration with the Albanian government, are interested to take the bones of the remarkable writer Bilal Xhaferri, who has contributed so much in the national culture.

As you know, I have lately come in Chicago and I didn’t know Bilal Xhaferri when he was in life, but his name and his work have sounded in my ear. It reminds me Bilal Habeshija, the hero of our Islamic belief, who never stooped before any kind of torture, endured all the physical sufferings and he didn’t betray the faith, his idea before the idolaters.

Bilal Xhaferri even in emigration, in America, gave his contribution for the Albanian population and his homeland and for this he deserves to be buried with honors in Albania, near our big writers, the Frashëri brothers, Konica, Fishta etc.

Our mosque here in Chicago, which accompanied Bilal Xhaferri in his last habitation some years ago, will start this ceremony.

Collaborating with the initiators of this activity, with Mr. Shefki Hysa and other friends and with the Albanian government, I want to make as big as possible this ceremony that this patriot man, who didn’t reserve anything for his ideal, the ethnic Albania and our national culture, deserves indeed.

Mr. Shefki Hysa, the Director of the Cultural Association “Bilal Xhaferri” and one of the main organizers, is going to explain you more in detail about this activity.
Thank you all!

Rexhep Morina

April, 1995

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